Serving Anglicans in the Municipalities of
Huron East, Central Huron and West Perth, Ontario


Trinity Anglican Church

110 St Andrew St
Mitchell, Ontario

Trinity Anglican Church in Mitchell is one of the oldest established congregations in the Diocese of Huron.   The first services were held in 1857 in the hall of a new hotel in the community of Mitchell.   Its first rector was the Rev. W.B. Rally who was under the direction of St. James Church in Stratford.   In 1861 the growing worshipping community opened its first church building which was consecrated the following year by Bishop Benjamin Cronyn.   As the community continued to grow and change a new building was required and built in a nearby location.   This second church was consecrated in 1898 by Bishop Maurice Baldwin.   It burned down in 1939.   Due to the perseverance and unwavering faith of the Trinity parish community in Mitchell a third church building was constructed and dedicated 9 months later by Bishop Charles Seager.

This is the present church building which stands to this day.   It has seen the Christian witness of many Anglicans over the years.   It has seen many changes in society and in the church.   It has always managed to adapt to those circumstances and embrace change.

In February 2008, Karine Farmer was appointed Deacon in Charge of the parish.   In June 2008, she was named Rector when she was ordained to the priesthood.

St. Thomas Anglican Church

5 John Street
Seaforth, Ontario

Built in 1863, St. Thomas Anglican Church was the first permanent place of worship built in Seaforth.   This frame and clapboard-sided building with tower and spire is a fine example of Carpenter's Gothic architecture.   The chancel was built in 1872 and wings were added in 1878 to provide more seating.

In 1885, the congregation purchased, and moved, the old Methodist Episcopal Church building for use as a parish hall.   A passageway was built between the two buildings in 1913.

St. Thomas Anglican Church remains one of the finest wooden church buildings in Ontario.

St. Paul's Anglican Church

49 Ontario Street
Clinton, Ontario

Opened November 15, 1865, this brick church was built in the Gothic style, complete with spire and belfry.   The grounds contain the first graveyard for the area.

In 2003, St. Paul's, Clinton became a founding partner of The Parish of the Holy Spirit with Trinity Anglican, Mitchell and St. Thomas', Seaforth.
Saint John's, Brussels, Ontario Anglican Church Ring St. Matthew's, Florence, Ontario
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