St Jude's Anglican Church

81 Peel Street, Brantford, Ontario

Services:   Sunday 8:30 am, 10:30 am   Wednesday, 10:30 am

St Jude's Anglican, Brantford Nave St Jude's Church, Brantford

St Jude's began as a mission church of Grace Anglican Church, Brantford, Ontario   Located on Peel Street, across the street from Alexandra Park, the church building itself was erected in 1871.   The Cockshutt family lent the money for construction and when the loan was paid off the third Bishop of Huron, Maurice Baldwin consecrated the building in 1889.  

Extensive renovations were made to the church in 1930-31.   A new narthex was built and the former entrance was converted into a baptistry.   At the same time the sanctuary area was enlarged and a rood screen was installed with woodwork matching that of the baptistry.

The interior walls are highly decorated with murals in the "Arts and Crafts" style by the Browne family of artists.   Completed in 1936, they were restored in the 1980s.   As a result of the decoration, St Jude's was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in September 1996.   Shown right are three representative panels, they illustrate: 'Jesus as a Boy in the Temple', 'the Nativity' (caption: "As they offered gifts most rare at that cradle rude and bare.") and 'the Annunciation'.

Besides the murals, the windows of the building are beautifully done.   Some examples shown below are: 'The Woman At the Well meets Jesus', 'Jesus Calls Simon and Andrew to be His Disciples' and 'Jesus With Mary and Martha'.

St. Jude's is often open from 9 - 12, weekdays, for visitors to enter, admire or pray.   There is usually a guide available to answer questions but a call ahead is appreciated.   Everyone is greeted warmly and given the time to wander through the building.

Jesus as a Boy in the Temple
Nativity Mural, Brantford, Ontario
Annunciation Mural, Brantford, Ontario
Woman At the Well meets Jesus Jesus Calls Simon and Andrew to be His Disciples Jesus With Mary and Martha Choir and Sanctuary St Jude's Church, Brantford
Rev John Langhorn (1744-1817) Circle of Faith Ontario's Anglican Cathedrals
St Jude's Anglican Church, Brantford, Ontario
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